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This Web site features my own cars and configurations, general tips for tuning that I've gathered from research and from my experience.

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My Need For Speed PU cars and my loved V8 mustang

Because cars in general are hobbies of mine, i dicide to buy racing games, and let me tell you than the best car racing is NEED FOR SPEED 5 "PORSCHE UNLEASHED", the game has very good graphics and gamplay is perfect, you can drive all the porsche cars.
online gaming rocks, tons of people having funn at the same time! i recommend you, than if you don't have this game !buy it¡ ur gonna have so much funn!,
you can tune the cars! set ur own settings for each car, also paint them! Wooowww! hehehe.

Personal information "if u care" lol.

Im from Mexico and i have 22 years old, yes mexico "tacocity" and pride of it, strange thing than when i say to ppl than im mexican they dont belive me!, hehe, they most think than we dont have light n' phones in our houses or something hehe,...well just to let you know !WE DO!, so if u see than my english is kinda odd... remember than i learn my english playing on the internet! my car is a 84 Mustang V8 302 Powered, 290hp!--------->


I work in a Pc store since 6 years ago. so if u have problems with ur computer or u wanna learn how to speed up ur connection or any related stuff, Ask Me!, with joy i will help you.

if you need drivers go here! Username=drivers password=all

Thats My Car! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!
paint is dead i know, i dont have money for spend on tht, but is fast as hell! ;)

Visit the need for speed online racing web site! :)